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    S.O.S for Your At-Risk Balance, Fall and Dizziness Patients. Safety Overhead Support benefits patients and helps improve overall function.

FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers - Palm Beach County, FL

Welcome to FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers (formerly Gold Coast Physical Therapy) Palm Beach County's leading provider of physical therapy, rehabilitation, and athletic training services. If you are experiencing dizziness, vertigo or having balance issues, we are using advanced technology and methods that can help get you back on your feet again.  Our Safety Overhead System (SOS) will give you the confidence you need and eliminate the fear of falling. We are a values driven organization seeking to provide the highest caliber of rehabilitative services possible. FYZICAL® embraces a client centric philosophy of care. The client is our primary concern, from respecting your time, to providing you with a professional, friendly, and inviting atmosphere.

Love Your Life

Our team of Practitioners strives to return clients to an optimal level of health and well-being, as well as help them resume a more fruitful lifestyle. We take great pride in providing a responsiveness to our clients' needs that is unparalleled in the community.

FYZICAL® THERAPY & Balance Centers Celebrity Testimonials

FYZICAL® combines elite traditional treatment with state-of-the-art neural, balance, & vestibular intervention to keep the highest level of athletes performing at their best. We use our technology for pre-event and post event concussion screening and treatment.

Ronnie Stanley

James Mcadoo

Steve Kerr

What Can FYZICAL® Offer You?

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Physical Therapy

At FYZICAL® Palm Beach, our physical therapists have a broad range of PT specialties including outpatient orthopedic physical therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, gait and balance disorders, and TMJ disease.
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Balance & Vestibular Therapy

FYZICAL® balance programs have evolved significantly over the years and we are now equipped with safety overhead support (SOS) systems in all six locations. We have a superior model for challenging our gait, balance, and vestibular clients allowing for phenomenal outcomes.
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Health & Wellness - BodyQ

We know that health and wellness are your priority, so we have made it our goal to develop and provide comprehensive health screenings that give you instant feedback to areas of concern, as well as detailed exercise and medically based fitness programs.
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Hand Therapy

FYZICAL® Occupational Therapists specialize in the treatment of hands and upper extremity. They treat cohesively with our referring physicians on any upper extremity injuries, hand or upper extremity surgeries. They also customize your splints as needed, and are able to fabricate the appropriate splint as needed or ordered by your physician.
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Workman's Compensation & Auto Injuries

Our dedicated physical therapy team provides professional treatment to your work-related injuries, or injuries sustained from an auto accident. We are providers for numerous workman's compensation agencies, and FYZICAL® consistently provides treatment to other networks as well, to get you back to work as quickly as possible!
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

Sports Medicine

FYZICAL® Palm Beach is committed to providing the highest level of athletic training services to our local schools, as well as our many club sports, collegiate level events, and local showcase events that are held in Palm Beach County.

6 Locations in Palm Beach County

Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach


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Dizziness and Vertigo When Moving Quickly

Retinal Slip associated with a Vestibular Dysfunction that requires Physical Therapy
Dizziness is a common complaint that could be “Retinal Slip” associated with a Vestibular Dysfunction that requires Physical Therapy. Many vertigo patients may report dizziness when reading or moving their head quickly. They can experience blurred vision, or image...

Falls Are The Leading Cause Of EMERGENCY ROOM Visits and Unintentional Death For Older Adults

One in three older adults (65+) fall each year. Every 29 minutes an older adult dies from a fall or fall related injury. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in older adults. In 2013, 2.5 million non-fatal falls among the elderly were treated i...

Fall Prevention Awareness Month – Fight the Fall

Fall Prevention at FYZICAL Palm Beach County
On September 22, 2016 National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, we’re offering FREE Fall Risk Assessments that identify compromises in balance, flexibility and strength that could make someone susceptible to a fall and next steps to help prevent future falls. Schedule your free...