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Do You Struggle With Chronic Dizziness?


At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, all clinicians take world-class balance, dizziness and vestibular certification programs and have a dedicated balance center program led by advanced trained vestibular therapists. When you need help with balance and vestibular dysfunction, give us a call at 561-331-3636.

FYZICAL Safety Overhead System SOS

Our centers are equipped with the latest technologies in order to better determine the cause of the imbalance which allows us to determine the fastest, most effective road to recovery. Our OVERHEAD SUPPORT SYSTEMS maximize the SAFETY throughout the recovery process.

“There is no role for chronic treatment of dizziness or vertigo with Meclizine, Scopolamine, or other Antihistamine or Anticholinergic medications. These are appropriately used acutely in the first days to a week after a vestibular crisis, and on a daily basis only when significant nausea or spontaneous spells of vertigo are expected like Meniere’s disease. Patients may wish to keep some on hand as “security,” but habitual use of these agents generally is not helpful and may be counterproductive to the central compensation process.”

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