Thank you for choosing FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
1.How did you decide to select us as your therapy provider?
I was referred to you by my Doctor.I was referred by a family member / friend.I found you through my insurance company.You were the closest provider to my home.Through the yellow pages.I found you on-line.Other


2. At which of our Centers did you receive care? Select all that apply.
Lake Worth: Jog and LantanaWellington: 441 & Lake Worth Rd.Royal Palm BeachWest Palm BeachPalm Beach GardensBoca Raton: Clintmoore & Military Trail




3. Do you recall the name of the therapist(s) that cared for you?


4. Are you a returning client or are you receiving care with us for the first time?
Returning clientFirst time receiving care with youOther




5. How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with us?
Highly satisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSomewhat dissatisfiedHighly dissatisfiedOther




6. What was your average wait time for your scheduled appointment?
On time or early0-5 minutes6-10 minutes11-15 minutes16-20 minutesMore than 20 minutes


7. How quickly were you scheduled for your first appointment?
Within 24 hoursWithin 24-48 hoursWithin 3 daysWithin 4 daysWithin 1 weekGreater than 1 weekOther




8. How would you describe the “outcome” of you receiving care from us for your specific condition?
Completely resolved75% – 90% improved50% – 74% improved25% – 49% improved10% – 24% improvedLess than 10% improvementOther




9. How do we rate on the following attributes?


Overall Customer Service

Appointments were on time or with minimal wait

Ease of making an appointment

Insurance benefits were verified and explained in an understandable way

Convenience of Center location

Friendliness of our team on the phone

Helpfulness of our team on the phone

Our phone system: ease of getting through to us



10. How do we rate on the following attributes of our Therapists?


Therapists listened and were empathetic to your needs

Knowledgeability of our therapists / practitioners

Instructions given by therapists were clear, concise, & easily understood

Therapist sought your input for determining your treatment goals


11. How do you rate the appearance of our centers?
Upscale & beautifulAbove averageAverageBelow averagePoorOther



12. How do you rate the overall cleanliness of our centers?
ImpeccableExcellentGoodAdequateLess than adequatePoorOther



13. How likely are you to utilize our services again if you should require physical therapy or occupational therapy care in the future?
Without questionVery likelyLikelyNeutralSomewhat unlikelyHighly unlikelyOther


14. How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or family member?
Without questionVery likelyLikelyNeutralSomewhat unlikelyHighly unlikelyOther



15. Do you have any suggestions for improving our services?

16. How successful were we in our effort to turn you into a “raving fan” of our organization?
Successful, I am a raving fan!Partially successfulYou were OKYou were less than OKI am not a fan at allOther



What is your gender?
MaleFemalePrefer not to answer


Which category describes your age?
Younger than 1818-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465 or olderPrefer not to answer


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