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FYZICAL Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month with BODYQ Evaluations


The human body is made to move. National Physical Therapy Month in October recognizes the work physical therapists do in their communities to not only get people back on their feet, but also to stay on their feet.

National Physical Therapy Month

The American Physical Therapy Association and FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers agree that physical therapy offers a variety of benefits:

  • Working with a physical therapist improves everyday mobility and motion. Consistent movement prevents obesity, heart attack, stroke, hip fractures and knee arthritis in addition to preventing life-threatening falls.
  • A physical therapist will establish appropriate and effective programs allowing for the management of chronic conditions and in turn helping to minimize the need for prescription drugs.
  • Treatment plans allow patients to participate in their own recovery. With individualized treatment plans, patients are empowered to reach their recovery goals as well as maintain optimum health their entire lives.
  • Through a comprehensive physical evaluation, a trained physical therapist can identify compromises to the body that can lead to major issues later in life. Proactive early detection allows for conditions to be addressed by the individual client along with their physical therapist before developing into larger, potentially life-threatening issues.

FYZICAL Health & Wellness

BODYQ combines a dynamic set of measurements with state-of-the-art functional imaging, bundled together in a user-friendly technology suite with full color graphics and easy to read results. BODYQ measures:

  • Basic Health
  • Balance & Gait
  • Spine & Posture
  • Functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Performance

Knowing your BODYQ Score will allow a FYZICAL Therapist to outline a plan for wellness and improved quality of life.


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