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I was told that I had 6 weeks before I could play because of my toe injury. With FYZICAL and TPM, I walked without a limp after only one treatment. I will be back soon! Thanks FYZICAL…great care.

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After seeing my doctor, he was so pleased with my range of motion, he decided I was better and could benefit from doing pool exercises at home.  I am now playing tennis and riding my bike eight miles. I can’t thank you enough for your attention to my knee and the good humor displayed.

FYZICAL Testimonials Another Happy Patient


The Safety Overhead System (S.O.S.) done more for my confidence than anything else. I started therapy using a walker, 2 weeks ago I started using a cane and today, I don’t need anything. Before I felt like I was going to fall but I don’t feel like that now.

FYZICAL Ronnie Stanley


Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame FB player and number one prospect for the NFL draft for Offensive Guard best in the nation. FYZICAL and Scott’s team have got me ready for the NFL Conference.

You guys are awesome and have really helped my Mom build her confidence and become stronger. I’ve tried for the past year to get her into physical therapy and she just didn’t have the faith in it. Until she had no choice but to go LOL. I can’t thank you all enough for what you are doing for her and for others. Your company is amazing!!
Janice S.

The outcome of my therapy for the Cervical Spine fusion could not have turned out better! My range of motion is excellent, my pain level at completion almost non-existent and I was given instruction on how to maintain that at home. My frozen shoulder is much improved in just a few weeks of therapy and I am confident it will continue.
Cheryl H.

I have bone on bone in my right knee along with a Baker’s cyst and associated debris. Because of the care I received I have increased led strength and flexibility and I am now able to walk 5-7 miles EVERY day without any difficulty. The knee replacement I was contemplating is now out of the picture.  While this was at times challenging for me, it was all related to what I needed to be able to function on a daily basis.
Mr. Alan

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